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Updated to cover changes included in WordPress 3.X

Here's what I've covered:

Martin Malden
  • How to install WordPress
  • How to configure it for the best balance between control and search engine effectiveness
  • Finding and installing recommended plugins
  • Finding and installing great themes
  • Installing and managing widgets
  • How to find material to write about
  • How to write and publish your first post
  • How to make your blog visible on the web
  • Some simple promotion strategies

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Important note: this site deals with setting up a single-site WordPress installation.

WordPress 3.0 introduced the ability to create and run either a single site or multiple sites from one installation, but I've not covered the multi-site configuration here.

Once you've set up a single WordPress site, and become familiar with it, moving to a multiple-site configuration is a logical process.

However, there are some additional requirements, such as dedicated hosting (virtual or real) and a few more bits and bobs.

Requirements for setting up a multi-site WordPress configuration: WordPress' Multi-Site Requirements.

OK, glad we got that out of the way..!

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